Why Is Underpinning a Necessity?

Underpinning is used in order to achieve a greater foundation depth or to repair a faulty foundation. It can be a necessity for your home or other structure for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Your home's original foundation is simply not strong enough
  • The soil around your home or structure has changed
  • Natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding, drought and more have caused the structure to move
  • It is more cost-effective to repair a damaged structure or foundation than to build a new one

How Do I Know My Building Needs Underpinning?

There are a few tell-tale signs that your home's foundation requires underpinning. If you notice cracks throughout the walls, especially wider than ¼", it is almost guaranteed that underpinning needs to be done. Cracking in the floor tiles or wall tiles, and visible leaning are also signs that underpinning is required. Also, check for gaps around windows and doors, and see if your floors are level.


Why Do I Need to Waterproof?

When water leaks and settles into your home's basement or foundation, it can damage to the entire house, including foundation damages as well as introducing new types of mold to you and your family. Some basements or crawl spaces are used as a place for storage, or they may be fully furnished and lived in. When water is introduced to these areas, problems often occur. By waterproofing these areas, you're ensuring safety to your family and your belongings!

Benefits of Waterproofing

You can experience a variety of benefits by waterproofing your basement, including:

  • A healthier environment
  • Lower utility bills
  • Increase in your home's value
  • Added living spaces for your family

In order to keep your home stable for years to come, waterproofing your Winnipeg basement or crawl space is essential. These are very often overlooked areas in the home, but doing so can cause detrimental effects to any home's foundation. By avoiding waterproofing in your home, mold, musty smells and even buckling foundations and walls could be in your future. Instead of trying to fix a problem that has already happened, contact the experts at Sturgeon Construction Ltd. to waterproof your home.

Window Wells

Are Window Well's a Necessity?

Window wells are used for one main purpose: preventing soil from filling in against your basement windows. Window wells also redirect water through a weeping tile and away from your home. If these window wells are not installed properly, or have damage done to them, you risk basement water leakage as well as soil filling near your home. This can cause foundations to crumble, mold to grow and more.

If your window well does not provide adequate draining, you run the risk of accumulating water. It may look like an aquarium outside your window! This water accumulation can pour straight into your basement, causing leaking, or worse, flooding.

Keep your window wells in Winnipeg up-to-par with repairs and services from Sturgeon Construction Ltd. Your basement's window wells play a vital role in keeping moisture out of your home when your basement has been built below grade level, or ground level. Leaks or damage done to these wells can cause serious damage to your basement or foundation if they do not redirect the collection of water properly.

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