About Us

About Us

Sturgeon Construction Ltd. commenced operation in March of 2001. Since that time the company has continued to steadily build a client base of satisfied customers. At Sturgeon Construction Ltd. our customers truly do come first - we understand that a solid, moisture-free foundation is the primary building block of any structure and will support it for years to come, if properly managed.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

We are also keenly aware that any project undertaken, whether it be cosmetic resurfacing or a major renovation project, customers expect a company to deliver on its promises and commitments. Sturgeon Construction Ltd. delivers - on promises, on commitments, on quality and on after-sales support. We know that a satisfied customer is our best form of advertising, so we go the extra mile to ensure that when the project is completed our customers remain confident in the solution and in the company.

We pride ourselves in taking on the most difficult of jobs and bringing it on time and within the customer's budget. It's this driving commitment to their customers which has established Sturgeon Construction Ltd. as an industry leader.

"The customer's needs are critical to our service," says Sturgeon Construction Ltd. President Todd Ritchot. "It is our number one commitment that our customers are kept up to date with all aspects of the job from start to finish."

"Sturgeon Construction Ltd. works in partnership with the customer. We will make sure our customer is informed exactly as to what needs to get done to complete the repair."

This enables the customer to make an informed decision based on the knowledge they have received from Sturgeon Construction Ltd. Poor drainage around a house can wreak havoc on a foundation, stresses Ritchot.

"Without proper drainage around your home, you run the risk of excessive pressure on your foundation wall causing cracking, allowing water to penetrate the concrete," says Ritchot. "This could lead to structural repairs in the future. Preventative maintenance is critical to longevity of a structure."

Highly Experienced Team

With a highly experienced team, Sturgeon Construction Ltd. is able to provide accurate repair assessments to customers, who receive the best Warranty today - Lifetime and it is transferable.

"Our reputation can't be purchased. It's earned," says Ritchot. "Customers are encouraged to educate themselves as to what's out there. Sturgeon's reputation speaks for itself."

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