6 signs it's time to repair your home's foundation

  • Foundation specialists and general contractors agree that one of the biggest threats to a building's structural integrity is an accumulation of water and moisture around the foundation. The entire building rests on the strength of the foundation so it's important to make sure that it's in good condition. Keep reading for six signs it's time to call a foundation specialist in Winnipeg and protect your home or building.

    1. Cracks
      The soil surrounding the exterior walls expands and contracts as seasons and moisture levels change. This puts pressure on your foundation and may even lead to structural damage, like cracking. Once a crack develops, your home or building is at risk of water damage and even flooding.
    2. Leaking roof
      Another sign that your foundation may have some issues is a leaky roof. A shift in your foundation can misalign roof tiles making it vulnerable to water infiltration. If water is able to penetrate your roof, your building is at risk of moisture damage, leaks and other issues. Call a general contractor in Winnipeg right away if you suspect that water is getting in.
    3. Moisture-soaked soil
      If the soil around your building doesn't have adequate drainage, water will eventually find its way into your basement. Soil with improper drainage expands when wet, which puts a great deal of pressure on your foundation.
    4. You're missing gutters
      The gutters surrounding your home help deflect water from away from exterior walls. Without them, rain water would run off the roof, down your exterior walls and straight into the ground along your foundation wall. Over time, this can cause major problems like water damage, mildew and structural damage.
    5. Overgrown trees and shrubs
      A large tree or bush growing too close to your foundation wall can threaten the footing of the entire building. The problem arises when the root system puts pressure on the foundation wall and pushes its way through. If left unchecked, a wayward root can do some major damage that will require the help of a foundation specialist to repair.
    6. Interior issues
      On the inside of your home, there are several issues that may point to foundation troubles. You might find that your interior doors and windows won't close, your drywall cracks or peels or that your basement is musty and damp.

    Early detection is key to maintaining the condition of your foundation. The foundation specialists at Sturgeon Construction in Winnipeg can check your building inside and out to identify any weaknesses or threats to your building's integrity and correct small issues before they become big problems. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer or to request a free estimate.


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